TMX: Accessorise with TMX this festive season and add the Diwali spark to your outfits!

Diwali, the festival of lights, is widely observed in our nation. It stands for the triumph of right over wrong, light over darkness, and wisdom over ignorance. Around the country, it has different meanings and different celebrations. It symbolizes the beginnings. An end to sorrows and a new beginning for a happy, joyful, and prosperous life. The exchange of gifts among loved ones remains a constant for everyone.  

On such an auspicious and joyous occasion, we bring to you a list of the most gorgeous, and recommended watches that will brighten up your and your loved ones’ lives!

1- Decorative Green Dial Textured Bracelet Watch:


This 19.7 mm golden and green watch makes for a stylish accessory for your festive season and should be added to your accessory collection! It is both dramatic and striking. An elegant gold and silver bezel with minimal number tracking is complemented by a dark green dial giving the watch a revolutionary appearance. With a water-resistant feature. The way it simply folds and fits makes it look incredibly bold and endearing on the wrist.

2- Classic Gold Dial Bracelet Watch:


It’s more than what meets the eye. This classic timepiece conveys power and elegance in its design and is available in 2 strap styles: one with a steel bracelet, and the other with a skin strap that is more informal. This 38.00 mm watch is part of the Cartier watchmaking tradition and features a water-resistant case, Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands. As part of Cartier's commitment to excellence, the watch is made with precise equipment technology and the purest metal. A budget-friendly accessory option. The gold dial bracelet watch is an elegant and stylish timepiece that will certainly lighten up this Diwali look and make you feel special!

3- Classic Golden Dial Leather Strap Watch:


A unique combination of urban spirit and dynamic design and bold looks, this watch is a complete package. The 31.00 mm classic golden dial leather strap watch comes with automatic movement and a leather strap. These are an excellent choice for wearing and showing off at those Diwali parties. There's a black case and black leather indexes that complement the dial and the band. The fact that a watch as iconic comes with the same classy aesthetic and quartz analogue movement is just stupendous.

4- Floral Inspired Fashionable Ladies Watch:


Elegant silver and floral dial watches are synonymous with elegance. It is a unique collection made perfectly for the festive occasion, that absolutely matches your Diwali look. This 32.00 mm watch is inspired by flowers and has a stylish dial to make it look chic and stunning.

So, with Diwali around the corner, sort your wardrobe with matching accessories, the most important being a watch. Stand out from the crowd this festive season with TMX's latest and classy timepieces. A watch adds that extra touch to your look and speaks a lot about how you look and feel. Making style more important than anything.

TMX watches are reinvented from time to time. The bonds we share with our loved ones remain evergreen and unique, just like watches. Diwali is the perfect time to give most appropriately a beautiful timepiece that you can cherish for a lifetime. It symbolizes a lifetime of happiness and lets people around you know your style statement.

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