With Eid around the corner, plan the perfect outfit with the right match

Eid is everybody’s favorite part of the year. We wear new clothes, gather in the congregation to offer special Eid prayers, have lots of amazing food, and visit our friends and family to convey greetings. The first Eid celebrated at the end of Ramadan is just around the corner. The beginning of Eid-Al-Adha depends on the sighting of the new crescent moon and the celebrations last for four whole days. To celebrate the lunar calendar that plays a vital role, TMX has gathered some pieces of constant favorite timepieces that can never go wrong with celebrations and beyond.


“Eidi” or “eidia” is a gift often given at Eid to family or friends. Our Eid gifts feature a beautiful intricate moon, the perfect symbol for an Eid gift. Gift-giving traditions for Eid-al-Fitr around the world are pretty universal, and most cultures practice this tradition as a way of giving during this blessed holiday. After all the words “Eid Mubarak” means blessed holiday. Here’s a list of some of the traditional and modern Eid timepieces gifts that you may give. Maybe you can even get a few ideas if you’re wondering what to get your family or friends.


  1. Sporty Blue Dial Bracelet Watch - This sporty casual watch with a bold look, comes with funky dial artwork and stainless steel bracelet. With these beautiful metallic silver details, this watch certainly makes a statement. These watches are modern in design but with classic timeless touches - making them a gift that will stand the test of time.

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  1. Numbered Black Dial Leather Strap Watch - This bold watch with a 40mm silver tone finish case & croc pattern leather gives you the freedom to pair it with your everyday look. This beautiful modern-vintage watch by TMX is carefully personalized by our craftsmen to create the ultimate gift. Perfect for wishing your loved one the best this Eid Mubarak.


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  1. Golden Yantra Patterned Dial Watch With Bracelet - This special edition full gold-tone bracelet watch has a rich golden yantra patterned dial is a symbol of positivity. Eid Mubarak comes as a standard design on this watch, add a personalized message underneath for a truly memorable gift!


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  1. Sporty Blue Dial Dark Brown Leather Strap Watch - This sporty casual watch with the bold look, comes with funky dial artwork and rich genuine leather attachments. These watches are timeless classics with a modern style, making them a present that will endure the test of time.


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For the people that mean the most to you, it's a chance to express your gratitude and affection. Eid is a time when friends and family are urged to show their appreciation for one another by exchanging gifts with one another and choosing TMX on this occasion can contribute to your gifting needs.